INSTRUCTIONS for submission

Articles should be submitted to Edizioni Ca’ Foscari:

For publishing a book in the LEXIS series, authors must contact the respective series’ editors:

Lexis Supplements: Enrico Medda, Vittorio Citti, Paolo Mastandrea

Ancient Philosophy: Stefano Maso, Carlos Lévy

LEXIS, in agreement with the international policies, submits all texts to a process of anonymous double reading (double-blind peer-review, or refereeing) entrusted to scholars of University or others Italian and foreign scientific institutions. About 80% of reviewers are outside the editorial board. Every two years, LEXIS publishes, both online and in the magazine itself, the list of reviewers who collaborated with the magazine.

Instructions for submission
The articles and reviews proposed to the magazine must scrupulously respect the editorial standard of LEXIS. Any contribution not respecting this standard will not be accepted by the editorial staff.
We recommend sending two separate files of your work, one of which is made completely anonymous. The anonymous file must be accompanied by a page containing the author’s name, surname and contact details (we will delete this page from the copy sent to the referees).

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