Series edited by:
Stefano Maso
(Università di Venezia – Ca’ Foscari)
Carlos Lévy
(Université Paris-Sorbonne, Paris IV)

Edizioni Ca’ Foscari (publisher since 2020)
ISSN 2402-7053

Scientific Board: G. Reydams Schils (Notre Dame University), P. Mitsis (New York University), A. Gigandet (Université Paris-Est),
E. Cattanei (Università di Genova), M. Fattal (Université Grenoble Alpes),  J. Wildberger (American University of Paris), W. Cavini (Università di Bologna), E. Spinelli (Università di Roma – La Sapienza), M. Zingano (Universidade de São Paulo), C. Natali (Università di Venezia – Ca’ Foscari), D. Cairns (University of Edinburgh), F. G. Herrmann (Swansea University), M. R. Johnson (University of California, San Diego), P.-M. Morel (Université Paris I – Sorbonne)

This series collects works on hermeneutics and history of ancient philosophy.
The topics are analysed through a continuous comparison with the texts: from the Antiaristotelismus to the most recent research on the Epicurean testimonies of Herculaneum, from Plato Physicus to the commentary on Aristotle’s De caelo by Alexander of Aphrodisias or the Hellenistic and Roman philosophers.
All volumes are subjected to peer review and approval by the Scientific Committee.